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Why your website is getting close to zero visits a day.

The website might get zero visit a day if the individuals or the webmaster didn’t update his or her algorithm to the latest one, like penalties, redirects, incorrect robotst.txt rules and ranking loses are all other legitimate reason why you may see a drop in website traffic. In most cases, there is solution to such incident if you are affected. Below are some reason why website might end up zero visit a day.

One: Algorithm update

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Algorithm update are periodic improvements made to the procedures, or algorithms, used to rank websites in natural search results. Sometimes, an update may be more noticeable. We aim to confirm those when we feel there is actionable information that content owners might take. For example, when our Speed Update happened, with gave months of advanced notice and advice.

Two: Tracking errors

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Is the divergence between the price behavior of a position or portfolio and price behavior of benchmark? It have so many problem, but its problems are easily solve or fix.

Three: Incorrect robots.txt rules

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Robots.txt is a file that tell search engine spiders not to crawl certain page or section of website.

It is rare for the developers to leave robots.txt file without some changes after resettle from a development or staging website. Most of the time, it happen accidental

Four: redirect errors

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This meant that, the website keeps being redirected addresses in a way that will never complete.

Five. Crawl error

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This error occur when search engine tries to reach a page on your website but fails at it.

Six. Ranking losses

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Website might lost ranking just for some keywords. This is normal situation, which happens because fluctuations.

Seven. XML Sitemap changes


One reason why you could be seeing traffic plummet is a change in your XML sitemap. In other words, a XML sitemap will ease google to find your pages when it crawl one website because all the page cold be rank.

Eight. Manual actions and penalties

With manual actions, google can demote or delete pages or website as whole.

Nine. URLs being de-indexed

 Search Console is still recovering from the indexing issue we reported on last week. As a result, index coverage and enhancement reports were not update recently & URL Inspector might not reflect live status, now.

Ten. Keyword cannibalization


This occur when individuals have too many identical or similar keywords spread throughout the content on your website. As a result, a search engine like google cannot discern which context rank higher.

Eleven. SERP layout chhtts

If the keywords if an individual’s targeting are triggering featured snippets and instant answers, and he or she is not the featured snippet, one is going to be losing clicks and traffic to your site.

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