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IT consultation in Kenya

Company IT consultation

The Information Technology department in every company plays a major role in holding it together and boosting it’s growth. 

With such a major responsibility, there is a very sensitive need to get the whole department working efficiently and with a perfect connection to all other departments.

Digital Marketing Consultation

The nature of the market since the last two decades has almost completely changed. Now, majority of potential customers have switched to looking for solutions to their problems online. 


Guru Afrika is here to help your business grow in customer base from our experience. We give you advice on how you can cut marketing costs and maximize your customer reach at the same time. 

Cyber Security Consultation

With computers and access to the internet everywhere. Security has been challenged from all directions. Starting from systems intruder detection and protection, to recovery techniques from security bleaches. Guru Afrika is here to help you make sure you do not make decisions that will give away all your companies digital data and intelectual property.

Digital Branding consultation

From the creation of your brand image, to protection of the brand’s value throughout the digital world. Gurus Afrika recognizes that marketing is usually made much easier by a strong brand.


Reach us and learn how you can make your brand the people’s favourite.

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