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Digital Marketing in Kenya

The nature of the market since the last two decades has almost completely changed. Now, majority of potential customers have switched to looking for solutions to their problems online. 


Guru Afrika is here to help your business grow in customer base from our experience. We organize marketing projects to boost your sales and add you hundreds to thousands of customers

Google Ads pay per click Campaigns

Google as a company has the largest User base in the world hence the best option when it comes to digital marketing. 

Guru Afrika creates campaigns for your company while targeting your specific target in a precise manner so as to maximize your ROI during the campaigns.


We are able to create sales funnels that ensure you both serve and retain the customer.

Social Media Management and Promotions

4.48 billion people (57% of  the world population) use social media. Social media platforms are also daily engagement  platforms. This makes them next in line as the best marketing options. 


Gurus Africa helps you reach your target audience with the most convincing content and make them fall in love with your products or services.

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